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Our Leadership Team

This team works alongside Dave to guide the church and to try and make good decisions around what we do and how we do it. They're not the most important people in the church, we believe that everyone in One Church is equal, but they simply have been given the task of helping the whole church community move in the right direction. If you want to talk to anybody about anything to do with the church then these guys are a good shout.

Dave Steell - MINISTER

Dave is the minister of One Church Brighton. He's been working with local churches for the past 18 years and is really excited to be settled here in Brighton leading this great church. He is married to Becky and has two kids, Jake and Reya. Dave leads the Leadership Team as we oversee the whole life of the church but my day-to-day life is varied and full but generally centers around encouraging people and trying to grow the church. You can contact Dave by emailing


Dave's favourite thing about Brighton & Hove - "Having lived in several places around the country I can honestly say that Brighton is a unique and wonderful city that is full of energy, passion and creativity.  Great people from all over the world and brilliant food, drink and music - what more could you want?!"


Alan Breslin

Alan was born and raised in Brighton and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. He works as a Service Delivery Manager for a large document services organisation. He was a part of Florence Road since childhood, ending up as a deacon and working in Boys Brigade. He believes the creation of One Church has brought an added dimension to Church life and opened up so many links locally and globally.

Alan's favourite thing about Brighton & Hove - "I particularly like living by the sea."

Ian Flemming

Mark Campbell

Mark is an Irishman in exile who makes a living from the pie business. Mark has loved being a part of the developing activities of One Church and is continually inspired and challenged by the diverse community of people who are gathering to partner in the life of the church. 

Mark's favourite thing about Brighton & Hove - "The seafront and the downs--I love living in a city within touching distance of expansive nature."

Ellen Baldwin

Ellen has been living in Brighton with her family for the last 4 years.  She runs a women’s counselling project in Brighton, and also works as a Couples Therapist.

Ellen’s favourite things about Brighton & Hove - "are being so close to the sea & countryside simultaneously, and the fantastic people we have met living here!"

Andy Barr

Andy is a whisky-swilling, roast-eating, music-loving, gadgetman who is learning to be a husband, father, and event organiser. Andy was born and bred in South London but moved south to be part of One Church. His favourite part about the life of One Church is the weekend away--having lots of fun and getting to know people better. 

Andy's favourite thing about Brighton & Hove - "I love the relational nature of the community in Brighton."

Pam Maskell

Pam was born and raised in Brighton. She is part of the staff team that works in partnership with our many faithful volunteers in delivering the various projects to the local community. Pam has been part of the church for many years and loves the relational way in which One Church has grown. 

Pam's favourite thing about Brighton & Hove - "I love that Brighton is a city of contrasts."


Avril Mackenzie-Parr

Avril is a politics teacher living, working and trying to be a better Christian, partner and friend in the city of her birth, Brighton. Passionate about social justice, equality and living with diversity, she is really excited about the ways in which One Church engages with all communities in our city.

Avril's favourite thing about Brighton & Hove – “the sea, the South Downs and the rich diversity of amazing people in-between.”

Ann Withers

Ann has lived in Brighton since 1989, having been born in Sunderland and grown up in Guildford. She joined Florence Road a couple of years before it grew into One Church, and now loves the community involvement. She appreciates the readiness of church members and friends to do what they can to address almost any need we see in this city. 

Ann's favourite thing about Brighton & Hove – "the rich diveristy of the city, the friendly people and being so close to nature at the same time."